Story by Katie Machell A swirling sea of colour; arms covered with Rendille beads and waists hanging with Borana gourds dance around each other in joyful motion. Hands clapping a vibrant rhythm, voices raised in harmony, switching between languages but the meaning always the same: ‘God, bless your children with peace. Bless Borana, bless Rendille, […]

Story by Katie Machell, photos by Jayson Morris Jayson Morris, Social Entrepreneurship Portfolio Director for the Peery Foundation, was on the second stage of a series of site visits in Africa when he travelled on the MAF shuttle to Marsabit in September. Formerly an Investment Banker, he joined the Peery Foundation, a foundation started by members […]

On the mountains of the Kenya-Tanzania border, a great Maasai celebration filled the air as their new school buildings are opened. On board the MAF plane was a man who helped make it possible: former Olympian and COCO charity founder Steve Cram. Katie Machell reports. The Maasai village of Olorte, tucked deep in the southwest […]