Charter a Plane

All our aircraft are available to charter. Chartering an aircraft allows you to choose the destination and the time you would prefer to go.

If you would like to charter an aircraft but don’t have enough passengers to fill it, we can offer the empty seats to other partners who may be interested in joining your flight. Any passengers who join a flight will pay a fee for their seat which will be reimbursed to you.

When necessary, and the schedule permits, the pilot and aircraft can stay overnight with you at your destination for short periods. For security or fuel reasons, at some locations we will fly to another airfield close by if we need to stay overnight.

Book a Seat

Would you like to fly with us but you just need one or two seats and don’t want to charter the whole aircraft? You can book a seat on one of our scheduled northern shuttles, or possibly join an existing charter flight depending on what the original charterer’s requirements are. You may also book freight to join one of our flights. By joining a flight you can travel with us at a reduced fare, however the flight is not guaranteed. It is still the original charterer’s flight and they reserve the right to cancel or postpone the flight.

If you are flexible with your travel plans please contact us, we can then inform you of flights that become available to your destination.