The Great Rift Valley, the Equator, and the Indian Ocean all meet in the land now known as Kenya. The Jewel of East Africa, as she is known, is a regional economic and commercial hub. Despite this, the people of Kenya face many challenges, especially in the area north of the Equator. The expansive desert, banditry and seasonal rains render parts of the north virtually inaccessible by road. Furthermore, lack of water, food and other infrastructure and historical inter-ethnic conflict have meant that northern Kenya remains a land of isolated people in great need.

MAF Kenya

The first MAF flight in Kenya was in 1948, and around ten years later a base was established in Nairobi. Since then we have flown mission and church groups, aid agencies and other partners throughout the East Africa region, all in pursuit of reaching isolated people. MAF Kenya has been instrumental in starting operations in other countries, the most recent being MAF South Sudan which became a program in its own right in 2014. Today MAF Kenya has two Cessna Caravans and one Cessna 206 aircraft. We remain committed to serving the needs of isolated people, primarily through our flights to destinations in northern Kenya. Please let us know how we can serve you.